The leading Smart Devices in India

The advent of Smart Homes in India Technology is a space that has constantly reshaped our reality. From feature phones to smart phones, the world is finally at the brink of a space age. And, like a genie in a lamp, AI assistants are ready to support our needs in the blink of an eye. While the western markets are gradually getting saturated with the development in home automation space, it is still early days for the Asian markets to catch up on developments owing to higher costs involved for premium solutions.

The story so far:

There has been a sustained and steady growth of DIY Solutions. Philips Hue entered the Indian market with a lot of fanfare but did not stood the pressure of a market demanding value one such as even in the luxury car segment. Then came the AI assistants like Alexa and Google Home which paved path for the cheaper lighting solutions offered by brands such as Wipro. The Wi-Fi solutions have caught on but with little to no long-term reliability. A DIY solution is as good as a small project requiring no long term needs. Mass manufacturers or larger brands are still keeping safe distance from enabling products to be made in its real automation avatar. The automation term in the DIY segment merely represents the ability to Switch On or Off or schedule an operation. What lies in the future? Professional and Time-tested Brand will eventually lend the ability to include complex programming variables in small budget. While the professional solutions appear a bit expensive, it is expected to deliver value in the long run, clubbed with a sense of security against hacking. Unlike the cheaper Wi-Fi based alternatives, the professional solutions based on protocols such as ZigBee, Z wave or Z-wave Plus use secure channels and function in your home using a dedicated mesh network. There are quite a few world renowned brands such as Fibaro, Hogar, JR, Control 4 or the dependable swadeshi LUMI. Cost of these solutions can really make the difference as a single mesh router to support devices can cost you an upward of INR 30,000 and can even go up to INR 80,000. What makes these solutions professional and all the more appealing is the fact that these brands offer a wide array of devices that are sure to make your home future ready. Throw in a gamut of sensors such as motion, PIR, smoke, gas, fire, alarms, key fobs along with gesture controllers makes it really easy for you to control your home. Needless to say, the programming opportunities are simultaneously quadrupled with the access to complex programming variables such as Weather, GPS, Motion, Lux and more.

To Do or Not to Do?

Should you invest in a real and long-term solution? Being future ready is one aspect of looking at this innovating landscape. With advent of security threats and pandemics, it may soon appear to be translating into a need similar to home interiors. The sci-fi movies have laid the ground for automation requirements by depicting home that not only cater to your needs but also constantly adapts and improve its own functioning based on your evolving requirements. Remember, artificial intelligence can only serve you as long as your home offer the means to control itself. The future is now and there is no reason to shy away from investing in a home that is ready for the future itself.