WE ALL NEED SOME PLACE WE FEEL WARM AND SAFE Safety and security solutions for varying needs. Discover PROTECT YOUR HOME WITH AN ASSORTMENT OF SAFETY AND SECURITY CHOICES. All that is to do with smart home automation is available right here. Discover ONE SOLUTION. MANY BENEFITS. COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND. Safety and security solution designed for the unparalleled experience. Discover

Feel safe at home

Because a home that can guard itself is nothing short of a fortress

Smart Ohm brings you a plethora of choices for Safety and Security smart devices. Systems that are smart enough to differentiate between a human and a pet and assess even minutest of details to keep you and the home safe. Safeguard your home not just from intruders but also from a host of unseen circumstances such a Gas leakage, Fire, etc.


Lighting Control

With smart lighting control you can now access your home lighting control remotely using your smart phone or PC. You can also schedule lights operation at selected hours as well-lit homes appear occupied and are at a significantly less risk of burglary attacks.

Peace of mind

A home that can take care of itself puts your mind at ease when you are away. A combination of alarms and sensors is always enabled to ensure that nobody other than desired occupants gain access to your home. Whether you are sleeping or traveling away, Smart Ohm’s solution will constantly assess the security situation.

Theft Protection

A combination of solutions can be used to make your home theft proof. Ranging from perimeter fencing, motion detectors, security alarms to hooters, you also get a range of monitoring devices that can be used to catch up the glimpse of your home at the click of button.

Threat Detection

A security system that is smart enough to differentiate between animals and humans, tracks every movement and reports incidents effectively is capable of safeguarding your home for unexpected threats.

Ready For Emergency

A lot of our solution come handy with a SOS button programmed to text or call dedicated phone numbers in case of an emergency. Based on the escalation matrix, these can be used to contact the nearest Fire Station, Police Station or call for an Ambulance.

Real-time Monitoring

The all-seeing eyes will be watching and keeping your home safe all the time. Utilize a host of wired camera and wireless camera solutions in your home to record and get a live stream anywhere across the world. IP cameras can also be used inside your house to view common areas.

Remote locks

One simple click on your mobile app can help you access security components of your home and arm the security systems. You can also schedule arming and disarming of systems at regular intervals to enjoy complete peace of mind.