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Keep pace with the evolving home automation technologies as Smart Ohm brings you the latest in Home-Automation. Experience top brands and reliable range of devices that lets you at peace year after year without having to worry about upgrading or replacing the automation devices or technology.


  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Remote Access
  • Energy Savings
  • Wired and Wireless Solutions
  • One touch control or Verbal commands
  • Personalized Scene Settings
  • Schedule Operations
  • Comfort and Convenience




Door Lock and Video Door Phones

Choose from a wide range of Smart Locks brands that use facial recognition, biometrics, key cards and passcodes. Club that intelligent door lock with a smart Video Door Phone and you will never miss a visitor whether you are at home or away. That’s not all, you can talk to your visitors using your smartphone.


Lighting and Scene Control

Adore a home that is alive and responds to you. Customized to meet your daily needs and save energy on go, the lighting and scene control can regulate ambience for any setting to uplift the mood.


Elegant choices in touch control

From premium choices in choices to gesture control devices to tablet devices, Smart Ohm has it all covered. A set of small wireless switches can be placed along the strategic locations at home with strategic functionalities


Climate Control & Air purification

Whether the weather outside is warm or cold, here is to a cosy home that not just understands but also responds to your preferences. The programs enabled by Smart Ohm also help you save big on the bucks with energy saving.


Appliances control

Like the idea of hot and simmering coffee awaiting your arrival? Smart appliances such as the Coffee Maker, Geyser, Refrigerator, Microwave etc. can come in handy to suit your smart lifestyle, while reducing your dependencies in the pandemic ridden world.


Curtains and Blind controls

Say no to alarms! You can now choose to wake up to sunrise with curtains scheduled to open in the mornings. Tell your AI assistant to shut or open the blinds or program it to function with scenes for that unparallel movie experience.