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There is more to smart automation that meets the eye

Smart Ohm brings you additional choices in smart home automation. A home that’s connected and in-sync is sure to meet your performance expectations. Be it the network connectivity or the need for alternative energy choices, we have you covered with a plethora of choices in home requirements.

Home Networking

Every new home comes across a big challenge in the form of network connectivity. Smart Ohm brings you a host of solutions ranging from Network repeaters, Signal boosters or Access points to ensure that you get consistent network coverage and connectivity across your home.

Energy Management

Concerned about electricity consumption and bills? Smart Ohm has you covered with a range of power monitoring solutions. If the peaceful location of your home experiences frequent power cuts, we have solutions ranging from UPS to Solar panels to keep power connectivity online

Smart Devices

Bring your devices and appliances to the grid of home automation networks by using a host of smart plugs. Simply plug in the devices such as geyser, table fans, lamps, kettle, etc through the set of smart plugs and control the devices with voice commands.